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Exceptional Pool Care Services

Top Pool Services in Poway, CA

We provide reliable weekly pool service, pool equipment repair, and more to keep your pool pristine. Our team ensures your pool remains clean and functional year-round.

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Weekly Pool Service You Can Rely On

Keep your pool pristine with our weekly pool services. We handle cleaning, chemical testing, balancing, brushing, netting, and equipment checks to ensure your pool is always in top condition. Enjoy a hassle-free pool experience with regular maintenance tailored to your needs. Trust us to keep your pool sparkling clean and safe.

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Efficient Pool Equipment Repair Services

Our pool repair services cover all your equipment needs, from pumps to filters and heaters. We diagnose and fix issues promptly, ensuring your pool equipment functions optimally. Count on us for thorough assessments, quality repairs, and replacements to keep your pool running smoothly.

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Professional Pool Acid Washing Services

Restore your pool’s appearance with our pool acid washing service. We remove stains, algae, and calcium deposits to bring back the original shine. Our process includes draining, scrubbing, and applying a diluted acid solution, followed by neutralizing and refilling. Trust us to rejuvenate your pool surface and enhance its longevity.

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Effortlessly Green to Clean Pool Treatment

Our pool water testing service ensures your pool stays clean and clear. We evaluate water chemistry, remove debris, apply shock treatment, and use algaecide to eliminate algae growth. Our thorough approach includes brushing, vacuuming, and continuous filtration to restore your pool’s water quality.

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Reliable Pool Equipment Installation

Upgrade your pool with our pool equipment installation services. We install heaters, filters, pumps, cleaners, and automation systems to enhance your pool’s performance. Our team ensures each installation is done correctly and efficiently, providing you with a hassle-free experience.

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Your Trusted Pool Service Experts

Top-Quality Pool Services in Poway, CA and the Surrounding Areas

Professional and reliable pool care

Maintaining a pool can be challenging and stressful, often leading to frustration. Issues like algae buildup, broken pumps, and unbalanced chemicals can disrupt your daily life. At Schafer’s Pool Service in Poway, CA, we offer specialized solutions to tackle these common pool problems. Our dedicated team provides weekly pool services, pool equipment repairs, and more. Let us handle your pool care needs, ensuring you enjoy a clean and functional pool without the hassle.

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What Our Clients Are Saying


Adam R.


Great customer service! Professional, punctual, and transparent, they ensure your pool is always in top condition. Highly recommend!



Tyler A.


Amazing customer service and a true loyal guy. I highly recommend them for pool service in La Jolla.



Kyle D.


Ive had a jacuzzi that was stagnant for years that didn’t work. I reached out to Mike and he was able to come by the next day and gave me a reasonable quote and had my hot tub cleaned within the next few days. highly recommend Schaefer’s Pool Service!





If you want a sparkling clean pool contact Michael from Schafer’s Pool Service because he will know exactly what the pool needs to get it back in excellent shape. Michael is an honest and knowledgeable pool/spa service specialist. It shows that he cares because he has made critical adjustments to my pool equipment to prolong the life of the salt cell chlorinator, which will save me money. Please see attached before and after photos that is evidence of Michael’s superb professional work.



Aden D.


Mike Schafer was an employee of my pool service company. I’m happy to see him branch out on his own. He’s very reliable, a hard worker and truly cares about his clients. Your pool will be in good hands with him.



Kyle B.


Mike Schafer recently started servicing our pool, after our long time service person passed away. Mike is responsive, pleasurable and dependable. I can call him any time for issues and he responds quickly. The proof of course is in the pool and it looks and functions very well. I couldn’t be happier with the services. The invoices come in Quickbooks, so it’s all electronic. No paper. I highly recommend Mike and Schafer Pool Service.



Ben V.


Very professional, decently priced.